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When it comes to our teeth, there are a lot of things that we need to do and a lot of things that we need to know.  To start out with, we need to know that we only get one set of teeth in our lives.  Yes, we have baby teeth that fall out when we are about four or five, but this is only done to make room for our adult teeth.  When we get our adult teeth, there won’t be any new teeth to replace them.

Next, we need to setup times to get our teeth checked on a regular basis.  This is done by going to the dentist.  For many people, the dentist is a scary person that will cause us pain.  In reality, they are very nice professionals that have made it their job to care for our oral health.

When visiting the dentist one of the first things that they will want to do is get an x-ray.  When they do a dental x ray hagerstown, they are getting a picture of our teeth, mouth, jaw and other areas that they need to see.  When they do this, it is easier for them to get a better understanding of what it is our teeth are doing.

Creating a game plan

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After getting the x-rays the dentist will examine them, come and talk to you and then formulate a plan as to what procedures you may need and even talk to you about ways for you to improve your teeth on your own.  When discussing the plan make sure to tell him all about your eating habits, what you don’t like to do and what you do.

When all of this information is gathered and combined you can work on a plan that will allow you to have happy and healthy teeth the rest of your life.