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The CDC recommends that everyone wear a face mask when in a public setting to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. While face masks do not prevent transmission of the virus, they considerably reduce the risk of transmission by preventing particles and droplets of fluid from reaching another person.

The best results from the use of wearing face masks happen when everyone wears them.  Other countries have successfully combated COVID-19 thanks to following proper protocols and procedures. Although wearing a face mask is different from what we are accustomed to, it is really easy to put a mask on your face and keep covered for a few minutes of your day. Some people must wear them for eight hours or more every day while they work.

It is certainly an inconvenience but in no way does anyone get hurt when we all wear masks. In fact, the exact opposite is true. We all thrive when everyone does their part to prevent the spread of coronavirus and wears a mask. All of us hope to get back to life the way it was before covid. The only way we’ll ever do this is to wear masks and follow all the guidelines the CDC has put in place.

coronavirus medical supplies

It is a good idea that you purchase disposable masks that you wear one time and throw away. They are best at prevention of the spread of diseases and viruses like COVID-19. They’re also relatively inexpensive and sold wherever you buy other needed coronavirus medical supplies for just a few dollars. Keep a supply of masks on hand so everyone in the family that needs one has access to a mask and to ensure that you do not run out of masks.